The Benefits of Directional Drilling

Giannetti Contracting

Giannetti Contracting

A family-owned-and-operated business based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Giannetti Contracting Corp. has worked on large underground utility installation projects in both private- and public-sector construction. By using directional drilling technology, Giannetti Contracting is able to avoid causing damage to local landscapes and nature zones, while also offering the many other benefits of directional drilling.

For project stakeholders, the savings inherent in directional drilling can be extensive. Excavation and shoring costs are reduced substantially, as are restoration costs upon completion of the work. Less needs to be spent on ensuring the work blends with the surrounding environment, due to the less-intrusive nature of the drilling operation when compared to traditional methods.

Further, directional drilling offers increased flexibility, as it allows for pipes to be installed in larger areas that need to avoid surface disruption, such as parks, roads, and golf courses. It also allows for quicker install times when compared to the traditional trenching method, and can be scaled to suit residential jobs up to large-scale industrial projects.

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