An Introduction to Directional Drilling

 Directional Drilling pic

Directional Drilling

Located Pompano Beach, Florida, Giannetti Contracting Corporation is a family-owned construction company first established in Detroit, Michigan, more than 50 years ago. The Giannetti Contracting team is best known for its underground utilities work, as well as its excavating and grading project support services.

To save its clients time and money and cause as little disruption to surrounding areas as possible, Gianetti uses advanced directional drilling equipment and techniques. A process that has been instrumental in the expansion of the oil and gas industry for nearly a century, directional drilling involves the ability to maintain precise control of the direction of a single bore hole as it moves through the ground to a specific location underground.

Advances in directional drilling technology have allowed operators to optimize the installation of underground utility lines, ranging from electric power lines to reclaimed water and irrigation lines, by opening up the opportunity to drill at virtually any angle, rather than just vertically. Directional drilling also has helped minimize the environmental impact of various underground utility projects.

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