Giannetti ContractingFor the better part of 60 years, Giannetti Contracting has provided a full range of underground utility installation services to clients in southeast Michigan and south Florida. The company relies heavily on a technique known as directional drilling, which involves the use of special equipment to drill at angles deviating significantly from vertical.

Because directional drilling facilitates the installation complex underground utility systems without breaking ground directly above it, Giannetti Contracting can complete projects without causing damage to surface features such as landscaping or wooded areas. The company stays abreast of the latest advances in directional drilling technology and employs a team of highly experienced engineers to operate the equipment. Ultimately, directional drilling saves clients time, money, and damage to surrounding features.

In addition to directional drilling, Giannetti Contracting offers a diverse array of excavation and grading services. After completing the bidding phase and working with estimators to create a staging plan, the company coordinates with the general contractor to minimize conflicts with subcontractors. In these vital early stages, Giannetti Contracting ensures compliance with project schedules.