A Brief Overview of Excavation and Grading Services


Giannetti Contracting

Giannetti Contracting
Image: giannetticontractingcorp.com

For nearly six decades, Giannetti Contracting, Corp., has provided reliable underground utility construction services to clients throughout South East Michigan and, more recently, South Florida. Although the company specializes in underground utilities, Giannetti Contracting also provides excavating and grading services.

While excavation and grading professionals are generally associated with the removal and relocation of large quantities of soil and debris, a successful excavation and grading services provider will perform a number of additional tasks on behalf of clients.

Proper site preparation is one of the most important aspects of an effective excavation project. In residential areas, site preparation typically includes the determination of property boundaries and numerous types of soil testing, particularly in regards to soil firmness. A property that fails an excavator’s compaction test can be remedied through the use of various compaction equipment. Over the course of site preparation, professionals must accurately mark excavation depth, pour footers and stem walls, and backfill the perimeter of the new foundation.

Excavation professionals should also be capable of providing and operating a number of large pieces of heavy equipment, including front end loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, and compactors. Such equipment helps excavation and grading construction workers meet a variety of client needs, from the building of roads to the digging of ponds and sewers.