A Brief Overview of Excavation and Grading Services


Giannetti Contracting

Giannetti Contracting
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For nearly six decades, Giannetti Contracting, Corp., has provided reliable underground utility construction services to clients throughout South East Michigan and, more recently, South Florida. Although the company specializes in underground utilities, Giannetti Contracting also provides excavating and grading services.

While excavation and grading professionals are generally associated with the removal and relocation of large quantities of soil and debris, a successful excavation and grading services provider will perform a number of additional tasks on behalf of clients.

Proper site preparation is one of the most important aspects of an effective excavation project. In residential areas, site preparation typically includes the determination of property boundaries and numerous types of soil testing, particularly in regards to soil firmness. A property that fails an excavator’s compaction test can be remedied through the use of various compaction equipment. Over the course of site preparation, professionals must accurately mark excavation depth, pour footers and stem walls, and backfill the perimeter of the new foundation.

Excavation professionals should also be capable of providing and operating a number of large pieces of heavy equipment, including front end loaders, bulldozers, backhoes, and compactors. Such equipment helps excavation and grading construction workers meet a variety of client needs, from the building of roads to the digging of ponds and sewers.


Municipal Infrastructure – Sanitary versus Storm Sewers

storm sewer

storm sewer


A construction firm with extensive water and sewer improvement experience, Giannetti Contracting Corporation serves clients from its offices in Southeast Michigan and South Florida. A family-owned underground utility construction firm, Giannetti Contracting has been in the business since 1958.

When people think of a sewer system, they tend to picture a common network of pipes that channel wastewater away from homes and businesses. In fact, sewers fall into two very different categories, and we encounter both on a regular basis.

One type is called a storm sewer. It’s specially designed to take in runoff from rainfall and carry it to natural bodies like rivers. Sanitary sewers, the second type, exist specifically for the disposal of sewage. Sanitary sewer pipes shuttle human waste to plants that treat wastewater until it’s safe to release back into the environment.

Knowing the difference between these two types of municipal infrastructure makes clear the dangers inherent in disposing of hazardous chemicals or sewage in storm drains. By doing so, people introduce harmful waste products directly into the environment, because storm drains do not lead to water treatment plants.

Directional Drilling Equipment a Key Component of Company Results


Giannetti Contracting


A third-generation, family-owned business, Giannetti Contracting Corporation leads and executes million dollar governmental, public- and private-sector construction, and infrastructure projects. Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Giannetti Contracting Corporation guides the projects from beginning to end, from breaking ground and inserting utilities, to paving the foundation and more.

There are various aspects of underground utility installation. One major component of this demanding specialization is the installation of pipes across an open field. Tools used to complete this and other related jobs are referred to as directional drilling equipment. The latest in advanced technology in the construction industry, directional drilling equipment, operated by skilled, experienced professionals, helps to ensure the pipes are placed correctly each time.

With the accuracy of the equipment, the obstacles surrounding the construction site location, such as any landscaping, paved surfaces, or wooded areas are left untouched and unharmed. Additional benefits of using the directional drilling equipment include a savings of money and time, as the machinery allows the tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently.


75dcef_c3161ede1fc84eb98f2831cafa83b8e1Whether your project consists of a simple or detail excavating needs, Giannetti can perform all your detail excavating needs. With an experienced staff of operating engineers, Giannetti can stage a safe, multifaceted excavation, under the most grueling circumstances.

In addition to our operating engineers, we employee an equally qualified staff of skilled laborers needed to work alongside our equipment.

Regardless of the size or the complexity of a project, staging and coordination with other subcontractors is critical. Planning of any excavation begins during the bidding stage of the project, when the estimator reviews plans and begins to formulate a staging plan. This staging plan is reviewed with the general contractor, prior to the submittal of any proposal, in order to reduce any conflicts with other subcontractors. It is through staging and coordination that Giannetti meets and often exceeds project schedules.

Construction Angels Benefits from Giannetti Golf Tournament

Construction Angels Image: constructionangels.us

Construction Angels
Image: constructionangels.us


Since 2013, Giannetti Contracting Corporation has held an annual golf tournament to benefit the community. Every year, the proceeds from the annual event go to a different local nonprofit organization. In 2016, Giannetti Contracting selected the Construction Angels as the tournament’s beneficiary.

When a construction worker is fatally injured on the job, Construction Angels, a nonprofit organization, provides financial assistance to the deceased worker’s children and surviving spouse. With offices in Florida, Ohio, and Georgia, Construction Angels coordinates its activities with local social service agencies and also assists families in obtaining counseling from bereavement professionals.

Construction Angels was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2012 and is led by Kristi Ronyak, its president and founder. Ms. Ronyak also serves as the national executive director of the Board of Executives that runs Construction Angels. She recognized the need for Construction Angels after encountering a stranger seeking funds for the surviving family of a construction worker who had died on the job.