Giannetti’s Work at Great Lakes National Cemetery

Giannetti pic


For nearly 60 years, Giannetti Contracting Corp. in Pompano Beach, Florida, has focused on the excavation and development of large-scale underground utility systems – both water and sewage – in both private and public sector projects. Over three generations, Giannetti Contracting has become a widely respected name in the industry and been involved in many high-profile construction efforts.

One of the most expansive projects that Giannetti worked on was the first phase of development for the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan. The company provided planning and excavation services for more than 30 acres of land, which also included the development of road and sidewalk systems, and placed more than 5,000 crypt units on-site. Moreover, workers erected an information center, administration building, and on-site repair shop. In addition to aboveground work, the company graded the large area to ensure proper drainage and installed of the cemetery’s landscaping. To date, it is one of the most significant and meaningful projects on which Giannetti has ever had the privilege to work.